Why Reading Is More Important Than Ever

Readingabook[1]Whenever I sell my books at craft fairs, I know that only a small percentage of attendees read novels. People generally don’t come to craft fairs to buy books, and some even tell me that they don’t read period.

How folks spend their free time is of course up to them, but a growing number of studies show that non-readers are not only missing out on great entertainment, but losing out on an opportunity to improve their mental state.

I came across a blog about a study that showed the positive impact of reading to combat loneliness, mental health issues, and dementia among seniors. You can read the blog HERE, and another link will take you to the full report (it’s 50 pages long, so I didn’t read it all), but the bottom line is that reading matters a great deal to one’s overall brain health.

In Canada, we do a good job of encouraging young people to read. Almost every parent I know read to their kids when they were toddlers and during their elementary school years. Reading and books are a big part of school life, but what about the other end of the age spectrum? What happens when real-life demands take people away from reading, and they’ve long forgotten the joy of immersing oneself in a good story?

If you know of someone, of any age, who’s suffering through loneliness, memory loss, depression, or other mental health issues, give them a good book, or take them on a trip to the library, or maybe even read to them. It’s a simple way to improve the quality of one’s life and might just help revive the joy of letting one’s imagination escape into brand new worlds. The more readers there are, the better off the world is.


Author: debrapurdykong

I'm a Canadian author from British Columbia, who's been writing for over 30 years. My volunteer experiences, criminology diploma, and various jobs, inspired me to write mysteries set in BC’s Lower Mainland. Employment as a campus security patrol and communications officer provide the background for my Evan Dunstan mystery novellas, as well as my Casey Holland transit security novels. I'm also a part-time facilitator in Creative Writing Workshops through Port Moody's Recreation program. Feel free to contact me at debra_kong@telus.net

16 thoughts on “Why Reading Is More Important Than Ever”

  1. hi, good post! I always try and encourage my kids to read and I know i need to make more time to read – get off the blog and social media. yes reading is very important and so is reading to those who can maybe no longer read. I think it would be nice if carers in care homes and the time to read to their residents.

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      1. I often notice book cases with books on in care homes that I visit but I’m not sure if they are ever read. So many residents have dementia or just frail and unwell, I’m sure they would love to be read to. Your mum’s retirement home sounds good.

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  2. People who brag that they don’t read are as ignorant as people who brag math is unnecessary because of computers and science is whatever we agree it is… Not-reading makes you dependent on other people to tell you what is what, what is fact, what is important, how to think… Adulthood isn’t easy. And there is a reason whole peoples are most successfully oppressed when they cannot or do not read…

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