We Have Flowers!

I’m on a mini-holiday with my family this week, so if I don’t respond to your comments right away, please forgive me. I might be on the net, but I’m not sure.

I want this week’s blog to be about something cheerful, so I’m sharing snapshots of the beautiful plants and flowers that flourished in our front yard this spring.

Front Yard Flowers-3, 2019.jpg

Until last summer, we had so many trees on our property that most of the yard was in shade, which wasn’t helping anything bloom. Our neighbors asked that we remove a couple of them bordering their property, and given that they could well be safety hazards in a storm, we did so (they shared the cost).

Front Yard Flowers-1, 2019

The result will attract bees which are also in dire need of help. In 31 years, our yard has never been this colorful, and I’ve never appreciated flowers more than I do now.

Front Yard Flowers

The rose bush in my mom’s memory will also be planted here in a prominent place with plant of sunlight.

Rodos, front of house

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12 thoughts on “We Have Flowers!”

  1. Debra, I hope you’re having a restful break with your family. Needed more than ever after your sad loss … My heart goes out to you. Your garden is a welcome festival of colours and scents. What a lovely thought to plant a Rosebush in memory of your mother … it will flourish! Hugs xx

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  2. I planted a memorial garden the year after my mother passed… it was the most awesome garden, and the ONLY time in my life I had a green thumb. Never before or since have I been able to keep anything not-a-philodendron alive!

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