The Post-Publication Hangover

Publishing a full-length book is a momentous project that often takes years to complete. So when publication date finally arrives, it’s certainly cause for celebration, not to mention some relief. For me, acknowledging release day might involve a dinner out, a book launch, a library reading, or perhaps just a special glass of wine at the end of the day.

The Blade Man, front coverAfter a book’s release, I always feel somewhat discombobulated (I love that word). I have trouble sleeping, feel a bit anxious, lethargic, and can’t fully concentrate on anything for long. I start second-guessing myself as to whether the book should have been published. It’s the kind of niggling that I suspect most creative people suffer.

This has been happening a lot these past two weeks, so I’m not jumping into marketing and promotion tasks with great gusto at the moment. There’s a long list of things that need to be done…approaching libraries, bloggers, and reviewers, for starters. I haven’t had the incentive to do any of those things, which tells me two things. One is that it’s time let my mind and body relax. The other is that old post-publication habits might not work anymore.

1431975253_60f22e0295_n[1]So, I’m now engaging in a little TLC. I read an article a couple days back about self care (you can find it HERE) and there were good tips on inexpensive ways to look after ourselves, and don’t we all need more of that in what’s proving to be a rather stressful 2020?

Until recently, I drank four cups of coffee every morning, which pretty much took all morning. After lunch, it was caffeinated tea right until supper time. It’s no surprise that I recently began to feel like I was carrying a large, hot rock in my gut. I’ve now cut back significantly on caffeine and it’s helped a lot.

I’m also managing to keep to a regular gym routine this month, combining resistance and cardio workouts with core strengthening. Some of the other tips mentioned in the article include meditation, reducing social media time, eating more vegetables, and so forth. I’ve been doing most of the above except meditation, but I keep forgetting about the importance of deep breathing.

The author also offers another great tip called checking in with yourself. For me this means putting writing, publishing, and promotion into perspective. Although writing is hugely important in my life, this type of work doesn’t deal with actual life and death matters. I’m not a surgeon, or a search-and-rescue patrol person, or a soldier, or a cop. I’m an author who isn’t perfect, but who keeps striving to do a little better with every single sentence. And I’m trying real hard not to be a perfectionist but, oh boy, it’s a battle.

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I'm a British Columbia author who's been writing for over 30 years. My volunteer experiences, criminology diploma, and security work inspired me to write the Casey Holland transit security novels set in Metro Vancouver. I'm also a part-time facilitator in Creative Writing Workshops through Port Moody's Recreation program. Feel free to contact me at

14 thoughts on “The Post-Publication Hangover”

  1. I was so glad to have the book published, I didn’t want to see it for a while. I used to try to go on a trip or at least a long weekend away. I’d return full of energy and get back at it.

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  2. Debra, the intensity and commitment to writing and launching a book is incredible and it’s not surprising that afterwards one feels discombobulated (great word). You do write to give yourself some TLC time, a break to step back and gather energy and ideas for the next step. Promotion is tricky, particularly on two levels of online and in person! A balance is certainly needed. Thank you for the reminder to breathe deeply … Take care, my friend and congratulations again! It’s a huge achievement! 😀

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  3. Publishing is a huge stress–I get all the reactions to it. I’d say do what you have to do to move on. I like the decreased caffeine. I could learn from that!

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  4. I´m glad I´m not the only one who suffers from post-publication blues. I always want to jump into the next book but that is not always easy. Taking a little break is a good idea as is yoga. We need to be good to ourselves. xo

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  5. Balance is so important, and I need more discipline. I saw a great line in blog about that said, I live life first, I blog second. I think that’s important. I like discombobulated as well ! I hope you can enjoy some fresh air today, and a few deep breaths in a row to unwind a little.

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