When You Have Flowers…

When you have flowers, life feels better. At least it does for me, and this month I’ve been blessed with plenty of gorgeous blooms. Here’s some of the colorful displays that have made me happy this May. First up is the tiny rose plant my daughter and granddaughter presented me for Mother’s Day. It’s been repotted and more blooms have appeared since I took this photo.

Next is the bouquet that hubby bought for our 33rd wedding anniversary. We spent part of the day gardening together and reminiscing about the day we got married in our backyard, which looked much different back then than it does now. We now have a veggie garden, new patio, walkway, and retaining walls all to replace the rotting wooden ones.

In our front yard, we have the most gorgeous orange azaleas. At least I’m told they’re azaleas. They came with the house when we bought it in 1987. I’m no expert. Anyhow, this is their best year ever.

Our red rhododendrons are coming out.

As are the white azaleas.

This year, we’re making greater effort to grow wildflowers in our backyard to attract bees and hummingbirds. I’m excited to see what the seeds will produce. In these COVID times, gardening stores are one of the few businesses that have been busier than ever, for good reason. Growing your own flowers and food is a handy skill to have.

Many writers are also gardeners, and I understand why. The physical labor provides reprieve from sitting at a computer for too long. It also allows your mind to relax and work on those plotting problems. For me, walking, sitting by the water, or even housework, allows the creative part of my brain to work. I wouldn’t be surprised if many story ideas are nourished in your gardens, too. How many of you keep gardens and does it help you with your writing?

Author: debrapurdykong

I'm a British Columbia author who's been writing for over 30 years. My volunteer experiences, criminology diploma, and various jobs, inspired me to write mysteries set in BC’s Lower Mainland. Employment as a campus security patrol and communications officer provide the background for my my Casey Holland transit security novels. I'm also a part-time facilitator in Creative Writing Workshops through Port Moody's Recreation program. Feel free to contact me at dpurdykong@gmail.com

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  1. I’m with you on gardening. It does everything you suggest: breaks up the writing logjams in my head and gives my body a good stretching after hours on my duff.

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  2. Growing up where flowers bloomed year round, here I didn’t understand the obsession every spring until a few winters later. It’s uplifting to witness everything come to life again which is the feeling I sense from your piece. I’m sure you’ll miss it when you downsize — but then there’s walking where I gather inspiration.

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  3. Vancouver is such a great place for a garden and yours looks great! I don´t have a garden like that here in Spain but I enjoy container gardening in my tiled yard. I have a cactus garden in one corner which looks after itself and a Cyprus hedge at one end. I also have a palm tree which I love!! The many pots keep me busy deadheading and replanting etc which is a nice break from writing. Flowers bloom all year around here so it is not a seasonal occupation. In fact, it is almost too hot in the summer to garden and I only do it at night.

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  4. Aww … a very Happy Anniversary, Debra and what a beautiful bouquet for the special day! I love how you are still live in the house where you were married – that’s fantastic! A place rich with your stories … and flowers! Oh yes, gardening is so important to me too and I’m sure many can relate to its creative healing properties! Happy Weekend!

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    1. Thanks, Annika. Yes, we have a lot of memories in this house that has served us well since 1987. It’s only in recent years that we’ve really made more time to tend to gardening, which is great fun.

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