Off and Running in 2022

How’s your first week of 2022 going? For me, it’s been busy as I deal with car repairs, a few errands, writing, writing related tasks, and babysitting. People have been talking about this year being a turning point for Covid. I hope it is, but we’re sure not there yet, are we? Someone in our immediately family was briefly exposed to a coworker who tested positive for Covid shortly after that encounter. Right now, we’re all staying inside and taking precautions for three more days. Luckily, I’ve had my booster shot. Crazy times, right?

On the writing front, things are progressing well with both the urban fantasy and the Casey Holland novella. Improvements are made every day, but I find myself asking, why didn’t I see the glitches, awkward phrasing, or wordy sentences before?

The answer is that it’s because I’m usually working on the plot, pacing, continuity, and characters. Line editing is often in the latter stages. While working on grammar, syntax, etc., though, my brain still analyzes the story, so it’s not unusual to catch another minor plot glitch. There are many TV shows and movies where I find glaring potholes, and it’s always disappointing. Some viewers won’t care or don’t notice, but I do.

Promotion and marketing efforts are ramping up once again, and I’ve joined a new group of authors who are offering free ebooks, or excerpts, through BookFunnel. This one features cozies, amateur sleuth, and detective novels. Also, if you haven’t picked it up yet, my first Casey Holland mystery, The Opposite of Dark, is also one of the offered books for free. You can find the link HERE:

This week, I’ve been reflecting on the last ten years of my writing life, and just realized that since originally publishing The Opposite of Dark in 2011, I went on to publish five more books in that series, plus two novellas in another series over a ten-year period. Honestly, I hadn’t given this much thought before now. In hindsight, eight books in ten years was a productive time filled with hard work, as I also had day jobs and looked after my mother’s needs.

I worked on both series much longer than those ten years, and I have no idea what the next decade will bring. I lack the ambition to publish eight more books, but I am greatly interested in taking my writing to the next level. So, we’ll see what happens.

Beyond your new year’s resolutions and short-term goals, do any of you implement long-term goals?

Author: debrapurdykong

I'm a British Columbia author who's been writing for over 30 years. My volunteer experiences, criminology diploma, and security work inspired me to write the Casey Holland transit security novels set in Metro Vancouver. I'm also a part-time facilitator in Creative Writing Workshops through Port Moody's Recreation program. Feel free to contact me at

13 thoughts on “Off and Running in 2022”

  1. You have done extremely well in the past 10 years!! We never realize it until we look back. We, as writers are actually pretty awesome, even though we seldom see it that way. I am going through Amanda in France one more time and have found myself saying the same thing, why didn’t I see the glitches, awkward phrasing, or wordy sentences before? Keep doing what you’re doing. You will be surprised at the end of the next ten years by what you have accomplished.

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    1. Thank you, Darlene. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who has these editing issues. You have also accomplished a great deal in ten years, so give yourself a big pat on the back! I’m looking forward to the coming decade 🙂

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  2. My long term goal is to take my family on another holiday. I don’t know where or when. If it is winter I would choose someplace with palm trees, it is late spring or summer I would choose Italy I think.

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  3. 8 books in 10 years is amazing, Debra! You should be proud and not think twice about slowing down a little. Besides, from what I read on your blog, you have a few more important issues in your life.

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  4. Considering how much work goes into all aspects of producing a book, your output is indeed impressive. A book every two years is about as much as I can manage. I’m hoping to get the next one out some time this year.

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  5. What an impressive accomplishment of writing 8 books in 10 years, Debra! You have a day job in addition to writing. It takes discipline to do that. Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy New Year!

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