The importance of recognizing our own self-worth — Where on Earth is Francine?

Thought some of you would find this thoughtful and poignant post of interest, and perhaps relatable. Thanks to Jane and her Robby Robin’s Journey blog, for sharing this piece on recognizing our own self worth.

Robby Robin's Journey

These are fragile times. People have endured unprecedented challenges and restrictions on their movements and social interactions for two years and counting, and for many, many people it will take a long time to recover. In the past 24 hours, two articles have shown up in my news feed that just wouldn’t have been there before our time with COVID.

On CBC online (Canadian Broadcasting Corp):  Anxiety, depression, loneliness at highest levels among Canadians since early pandemic: survey … Nearly 1 in 4 respondents said they needed — but could not access — mental health support last year. 

From the Globe and Mail: Why loneliness is a serious and growing problem among seniors.

It’s not just seniors who are grappling with these issues.  And the reasons and circumstances vary.  But the constraints of the pandemic has severely impacted people’s ability to lead full, rewarding lives.

A few days ago a…

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2 thoughts on “The importance of recognizing our own self-worth — Where on Earth is Francine?”

  1. These stats show how fragile some of us are and we can hear the impatience of others with what’s going on in Ottawa at the moment. Fortunately, patience was something I learned during my time in India and the only way to keep going is to remind ourselves about what’s good in our lives, regardless of the unchanging situation.


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