Socializing Through a Pandemic

Summer’s here and many fun events are returning to British Columbia. I’ve just finished facilitating an 11-week long spring session of the creative writing program offered in our city. The group was small, but I’d still been a little worried about exposure to Covid. Hospitalization rate were still fairly high in April but have been going down since then. Happily, the rec center gave us a large room in a quiet part of the building, so we felt safe. One of my students came down with Covid and was away for one week, but no one else was impacted.

As I write this, my daughter’s place of employment currently has about ten percent of their staff sick with Covid, after having been encouraged to return to work. As you can imagine, those who work in a common area are the ones who are sick. Those who have their own offices are so far staying healthy. Still, ten percent is a lot.

The cautionary tales I’ve been hearing from medical experts tells me that it’s probably still a good idea to wear my mask in public indoor places. Like many of you, I’m also eager to get back to socializing, especially when it comes to writing events. I turned down two invitations to indoor book launches this spring. I had no idea how many people would attend, how large the venue was, or whether the room was well ventilated. Generally, I don’t feel particularly anxious about most things, when you’re babysitting a two-year-old most weekdays it seems wise to be cautious.

Having said that, I’m attending two outdoor events this week. One is a BBQ with my old employer at Simon Fraser University. Since 97% of the university’s population is vaccinated, I figure it should be okay, although I’ll keep my hand sanitizer close by.

I’m also a vendor at an outdoor mini-craft fair at the TownShip7 Winery this Sunday. This is one of my favourite venues, as the event has musical entertainment and the artisans will be spread apart. Wine tasting, bookselling, and music in a vineyard is a wonderful way to spend the day. The event is also fundraising for the Osteoporosis Society. I know that some of you live in the Lower Mainland, so if you have some time and enjoy wine tasting, this is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy what will be a bright, sunny day.

I’ll be participating in another Art on the Vine event in late August and also selling books at a local Farmer’s Market on Thursday July 14th. So, yes, I’m socializing more, but honestly, I’ll be taking precautions.

For those of you who are looking for more free crime fiction reads, I’m taking part in another BookFunnel offering until the end of June. This is the Women Solve Crime Mystery Giveaway and a good number of the 30+ offerings are cozies, which make great beach reads. The link HERE.

How about you? Are you over Covid anxiety and attending events this summer, or are you still a little anxious?

Author: debrapurdykong

I'm a British Columbia author who's been writing for over 30 years. My volunteer experiences, criminology diploma, and various jobs, inspired me to write mysteries set in BC’s Lower Mainland. Employment as a campus security patrol and communications officer provide the background for my my Casey Holland transit security novels. I'm also a part-time facilitator in Creative Writing Workshops through Port Moody's Recreation program. Feel free to contact me at

13 thoughts on “Socializing Through a Pandemic”

  1. I didn’t realize there were still concerns about COVID in Canada. Nobody even talks about it here anymore. I’m glad to see you have some events coming up. The one at the winery looks like fun.

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    1. There are still concerns among a percentage of the population, usually older people like me 🙂 Our province now receives a weekly update of hospitalization rates, number of deaths, and reported cases of Covid, however, those numbers are unreliable because there are so many self-testing kits around now. It’s still an issue, but yes, fewer people are talking about it.

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  2. We’ve had a lot of COVID cases here recently. Thankfully, those who got it were vaccinated and boosted, so didn’t end up in hospital. Regardless, it’s a nasty virus. Stay safe! Art in the Vines looks like a terrific event. Enjoy.

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    1. Thanks! It’ll be a great event. I don’t often get to drink wine while I sell books 🙂 Interesting about Covid in your area. I’ve heard nothing at all about what’s happening over there and appreciate the update.

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  3. You’re a busy girl, Debra! It all sounds lovely. I continue to wear my mask whenever I’m indoors near others. I know a number of younger people who’ve contracted COVID in the past few months. Thanks, but I’ll vote for safety and good health!

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    1. I’m with you there, Jane. A lot of people in my local grocery store still wear masks, but they don’t at the mall. I think masks and hand sanitizer will be part of my accessories for many years, for any virus.

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  4. I still know people getting COVID (my sister), but it’s not even as bad as the flue. I suppose here in America it has entered endemic phase. Now, my worry is about long-term affects of the vaccine. Yikes!

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    1. I’ve been waiting for WHO to declare Covid an endemic, but I guess they have their reasons for not declaring it yet. Yes, the flu and other respiratory illnesses are causing problems in our area as well.

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  5. It was great to be back with PMWG too. I decided to keep wearing a mask during that time, especially as I had a trip planned towards the end of the session. Hope your July and August events go well.


  6. The Covid cases are not slowing down here, Debra! One person from my writing group just got a bad case. She is so weak. She can type or text. She said it was okay to call her because she can talk. I’m wearing my mask also and still not doing too much socializing yet. Best wishes to you when out and about.

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