Holiday Greetings

Pexels photo by Laura James

Another Christmas is about to arrive, and I’m so grateful that my family will be together this year. Two snowstorms earlier this week wreaked havoc on the roads and at the airport (still are), however, the temperatures are forecasted to warm considerably by Saturday. My hubby and son have shoveled our steep driveway at least twice, but another snowfall is expected on Friday. Then everything turns to rain.

Our front yard between the 1st & 2nd snowfalls

This was taken two nights ago. The icicles are longer now

This will be Abby’s first Christmas and Ellie’s third. After 35 years, it will also be our last Christmas at this house. We’ll be moving in the spring to a smaller home, so this will be a Christmas of reflection on the many wonderful memories we’ve made over the years.

I wish all of you a very happy holiday!


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14 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings”

  1. My dear friend. Reading this just gave me chills. It was these lines. “This will be Abby’s first Christmas and Ellie’s third. After 35 years, it will also be our last Christmas at this house.” Cherish every moment. Every snow flake. Every smile. I miss Port Moody but already love the island and living with my family is the absolute best. Blessings to you and the best of everything. Wendy

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  2. That’s a big year ahead. Momentous and exciting. And meanwhile, you’re getting unprecedented cold and snow while we’re getting unprecedented mildness and rain! Merry Christmas, Debra.

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    1. Thank you, Jane! The temperatures will go up tomorrow and we’ll be back to normal for the Lower Mainland, but the amount of water from the snow melt is going to be something! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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