A Story State of Affairs

nobel-prize-logo-300x225[1]I’ve never paid much attention to major writing awards. I know they’re important to many writers and other hardworking people in the writing community, but they’ve just never meant that much to me. After reading a headline in CBC News stating that the Nobel prize for literature won’t be award this year due to scandal, perhaps I should be paying more attention.

What the heck is going on? If this was April 1st, I’d take it as a joke. Sadly, it’s no joke. In fact, serious allegations of sexual abuse and financial conflicts of interest, have been exposed.

My first thought was how could this happen? My second thought was why am I being so naïve? Over recent years, a number of institutions have had their seamier sides exposed. Misbehaving members of these institutions are finally learning that they can no longer get away with manipulative, predatory behavior.

The Swedish Academy has been a fairly secretive institution since it began in 1901, and for me, its credibility is deeply tarnished. Members claim they’ll work to clean house and regain their reputation, but will they be successful? Entrenched values, behaviors, and regulations are not always easy to break.

Perhaps the entire Swedish Academy should be sweeping out dusty old traditions and practices to rid themselves of the cockroaches hiding inside their privileged, cloistered world. The windows are opening up and people are peering in. It’s about time. You can find the highly interesting CBC article HERE.